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My Birth Story

13th May 2018

Gia With Relish3

Happy Mother’s Day beautiful mama’s! Well hasn’t it just been an age since I last wrote a blog post?! SO much has been going on in my life since giving birth, which I will go into here, that I needed a lot of much-needed me-time to heal and get through it. The beginning of motherhood is no cake walk for anyone, but I dare to say mine has been a tad more difficult than most, so hopefully you’ll forgive me my long sabbatical… Basically everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. Here, at long last and befitting on my first ever Mother’s Day, is my beautiful, harrowing, life-changing (and very long) birth story:

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My Top 5 Dessert Spots in Cape Town

31st August 2017

With Relish Desserts

Ok, so I may be pregnant and finally able to eat after months of HG, but irrespective, this list would still stand. Baby belly or not, my obsession and history with dessert is a long one. In fact, it was to my birthday cake that I took my very first step at my first birthday party – the very beginning of my endless and insatiable trek towards cake.

This is by means an exhaustive list but these are my top 5 dessert spots right now in the Mother City:

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Living with Hyperemesis Gravidarum

30th August 2017

hyperemesis gravidarum

Some of you may know by now that for the past 6 months I’ve been battling with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or HG. It’s a very uncommon pregnancy-related disease and I’ve since become very passionate about spreading awareness for it. It’s one of the most under-reported and misunderstood diseases around, and since it is incredibly debilitating and life threatening, it’s really important to me that I do what I can to get the message out there. Underneath the surface of all of out joy for this most wanted pregnancy, lurks this horrible condition. Here is the story I share with many women who have HG and are silenced by lack of understanding – thank you for taking the time to read this rather long post:

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Some Exciting News!

with relish exciting newsSo I know it’s been a long, looong, LONG time since I last posted, and I promise I have a valid excuse reason. We have some exciting news to share! I’m pregnant! I’m having a little baby girl :) I know that doesn’t sound like a valid reason for being absent for a hundred years, and pregnant women are still able to do things like be a normal human, but hear me out…

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More Than Just a Dalliance

13th February 2017

With Relish Dalliance 08

I’m not sure that Dalliance is a the right name for this trendy, new spot at the V&A Waterfront. To enjoy a dalliance is to have something fun but fleeting, a short-lived romance with a distinct lack of seriousness. And this place is, for me, quite the opposite. This is the kind of place I can see myself having a more involved relationship, one of the heart where, despite so many other places calling me to enjoy them, I want to keep coming back time and again. And being part of the Kove portfolio can’t hurt – these guys just get it right.

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Sugar Free Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

12th January 2017

With Relish Coconut Ice Cream 22

I don’t do resolutions. Like most people, I’m not all that keen on setting myself up for failure and attempting to keep to them seems like a legit way to screw yourself over. Instead, I like to opt for goals, which is kind of the same thing but with way less pressure. Since we can all agree that 2016 was just horrific – revolting really – I’m so excited for 2017! Aren’t you? There’s just this *tingle* in the air – I think it’s gon’ be a goodie. On that note, one goal I could totally resolve myself to is a low-sugar diet. If I aimed for a no-sugar diet, in minutes I’d invariably be stuffing my face with every kind of sugary substance known to man. Instead, I want to be more mindful of how much sugar I intake, and this Toasted Coconut Sorbet is the perfect way to appease myself without failing hard.

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