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DIY Rope Coil Mat

7th December 2016


I hate my floors. There, I said it. I mean, they’re brand new and we chose them and we oversaw the entire thing, but I hate them. They’re too… grey. And tiled. And just grey tiles. Gross. So I’m on a mission to cover them up in the most affordable way possible and this DIY Rope Coil Mat is one such way to distract from the eyesore that is our flooring.

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Good Morning Beautiful Day No Sew Wall Hanging

13th October 2016


I know, I know. I’ve been MIA for a (very) long time. Lots of life things have happened – some good, some not-so-good. And then I had this chance encounter with a lovely talented lady who is both a self-taught baker (like me) and a self-taught photographer (like me), and she’s a bajillion times more talented than I could ever dream of being. I told her I felt ‘insufficient’ in her presence, but that that’s a good thing – nothing inspires me to be and do better than feeling like I could be or do better. The last thing on my mind, though, was a DIY wall hanging, but little did I know how meeting this lovely person would spring it back into mind. Thank you, Claire Gunn – what a serendipitous collision of two souls! And seriously, check her out. Go. Now.

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DIY Faux Marble Jewellery Display

7th April 2016

With Relish Jewellery Display15

You guys! I am so in love with this new project! It’s everything I love about DIY – it borrows conceptually from an existing expensive product and makes it cheap as chips, it took me about an hour to complete from start to finish and it’s so damn stylish no one will guess its a DIY to begin with! Squeee! And a Faux Marble Jewellery Display is just what I needed to help me move on from the disaster that is my jewellery box.

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Sneak Peek

6th April 2016

With Relish Agate Soap

I just thought I’d let you guys know what I’ve been up to behind the scenes! Aside from completing (more) orders for custom personalised mugs, I’ve also been experimenting with crystal soaps! I made about 150 of them for my wedding as favours, and people loved them! Everyone kept telling me to sell them so I’ve been experimenting and finessing and these are where I’m at so far!

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DIY Hanging Rope Planter

28th March 2016

With Relish Planter 4

You know, blogging isn’t easy (I’ll be posting a more dedicated topic on this in the future). There’s some stiff competition out there with such wonderful bloggers doing such extraordinary work which makes me really happy and motivated! You constantly need to be coming up with creative ideas that are entirely your own and yet still remain relevant to the current trends which is a wonderful push in the right direction. And this, dearest readers, is where I got the inspiration for this adorable mini Hanging Rope Planter.

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DIY Ceramic Cloud Mobile

26th March 2016

With Relish Cloud Mobile15

My gorgeous friend of 23 years, Sivan, is about to have her first baba and I am so bloody excited for her it may as well be mine! Isn’t it weird seeing your precious friend shift into motherhood? It’s amazing and strange and so incredibly beautiful! I knew I had to do something extra special for both mom and baby girl, so I set my sights on a cloud mobile. I’d made one before for another baby shower, but I really wanted to up the ante this time and I’ve been dying to share the tutorial! Now that mama has her gift, I can finally spill the beans!

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How To Transfer Onto Ceramic

25th March 2016

With Relish Mug1

So I’ve just completed a mass order of 42 personalised mugs. FOURTY TWO. Needless to say there was much binge watching of pretty shocking TV, but this was a fun project and without this simple method of transferring my customised images, I would’ve been done for. DEAD.

There are quite a few methods out there for the Sharpie-mug-craze, but I think this one is the easiest and most fool-proof way of getting your image onto glazed ceramic, or any ceramic for that matter, without error and without your hard work washing or rubbing off.

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