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My Top 5 Dessert Spots in Cape Town

31st August 2017

With Relish Desserts

Ok, so I may be pregnant and finally able to eat after months of HG, but irrespective, this list would still stand. Baby belly or not, my obsession and history with dessert is a long one. In fact, it was to my birthday cake that I took my very first step at my first birthday party – the very beginning of my endless and insatiable trek towards cake.

This is by means an exhaustive list but these are my top 5 dessert spots right now in the Mother City:

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More Than Just a Dalliance

13th February 2017

With Relish Dalliance 08

I’m not sure that Dalliance is a the right name for this trendy, new spot at the V&A Waterfront. To enjoy a dalliance is to have something fun but fleeting, a short-lived romance with a distinct lack of seriousness. And this place is, for me, quite the opposite. This is the kind of place I can see myself having a more involved relationship, one of the heart where, despite so many other places calling me to enjoy them, I want to keep coming back time and again. And being part of the Kove portfolio can’t hurt – these guys just get it right.

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Harbouring Feelings for Harbour House

15th December 2016

harbourhouse352 Guys. I’m in love. Like a deep, soul crushing love. Sorry Tim, it’s not you this time (still love you the most though). Harbour House / La Parada is the latest addition to the Constantia Nek restaurant strip, and the latest addition to my list of obsessions. This place is just… wow. Everything I look for in a dining experience, this place ticks all my discerning boxes.

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All About Blanko Restaurant

1st December 2016

blanko 1 with relish

As you know, we just celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We also just happened to be invited to a slew of newly launched restaurants, so we decided to extend the celebrations for a few days, being treated to a different dinner each night! First up was an utterly divine dinner at the newly launched Italian eatery, Blanko in the iconic Alphen Hotel, Constantia. Transformed from the 5 Rooms Restaurant before it, Blanko is an all-white, blank canvas (hence the name) for incredible, unfussy yet beautiful food and astonishing artworks.

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The Mess

24th October 2016


Last Saturday night hubs and I were invited to sample and review the newly opened The Mess in Green Point, Cape Town. With such a strange name, we were intrigued, but it turns out that a mess is the last thing you’ll find here. Considered and contemporary decor, extremely flavourful curated dishes and attentive staff make this a very well-rounded culinary experience.

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Sanbona Wildlife Reserve

7th August 2015


What can I say about this place aside from mostly ‘oooh’s and ‘aaah’s? Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is heaven on earth. Big, open sky and sweeping vistas, with abundant luxury and the most unbelievable encounters with wildlife. Sanbona, meaning San’s Vision, is designed to allow visitors to experience exactly what the San would have millennia ago – including original San rock art. It with this ethos that the conservation is kept as wild and natural as possible.

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