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My Current Local Online Shopping Winter Faves

31st July 2018

So we’ve had a thankfully rainy winter here in drought-devastated Cape Town, and that’s let me do the things I love to do, ie. nothing. Lazing in bed with plenty of cuddles and blankies and hot chocolate and watching movies and simply melting in love with our gorgeous daughter (who has two tiny little teeth poking through now!) has made this the best, most luxurious winter yet! And then, of course if you’re like me, comes the online shopping… uh-oh.

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My Top 5 Dessert Spots in Cape Town

31st August 2017

With Relish Desserts

Ok, so I may be pregnant and finally able to eat after months of HG, but irrespective, this list would still stand. Baby belly or not, my obsession and history with dessert is a long one. In fact, it was to my birthday cake that I took my very first step at my first birthday party – the very beginning of my endless and insatiable trek towards cake.

This is by means an exhaustive list but these are my top 5 dessert spots right now in the Mother City:

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Sneak Peek

6th April 2016

With Relish Agate Soap

I just thought I’d let you guys know what I’ve been up to behind the scenes! Aside from completing (more) orders for custom personalised mugs, I’ve also been experimenting with crystal soaps! I made about 150 of them for my wedding as favours, and people loved them! Everyone kept telling me to sell them so I’ve been experimenting and finessing and these are where I’m at so far!

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Our H&M Home Top 10

23rd October 2015


Image Source: H&M South Africa

We have been over-the-moon excited about H&M finally launching in South Africa (how has it taken this long??).  We were lucky enough to attend their VIP launch last Thursday evening ahead of their public launch and we’ve got to admit – their H&M Home Concept section is all we have thought about since. On-trend, minimalist and affordable? Yes please!

We thought we’d share our top 5 home decor picks that caught our eye. Here’s our metallic edit:

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Sweet-stagrammers to Follow

29th September 2015



Ring cookies from the lovely Holly Fox

I’m yet to meet anyone who can match my sweet tooth (challenge accepted?). So, it’s only natural for me to follow amazing bakers and sweet makers from around the world on Instagram, drooling onto my screen and getting my head filled with baking inspiration.

Filled with bright, colourful and delicious goodies, and tips on how to make your own delectable sweet goods (Winner! Although mine, so far, haven’t turned out quite as wonderful as theirs), these Sweet-stagrammers take the cake!

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Lazy Days

17th March 2015

Lazy Days

Like most foodie people, I am an avid cookbook collector, but often they end up sitting on my shelf becoming collectors themselves. Of dust, that is. Until I was lucky enough to attend the launch of South African cookbook legend, Phillippa Cheifitz’ new summer-inspired recipe book, Lazy Days: Easy Summer Cooking. This book, I am happy to announce, has stayed on my shelf the least and has instead spent much of its lazy days in my lap or on my kitchen countertop, pages wide open.

Confession: I can’t stop going on about this book. Seriously. They recipes are simple, elegant and downright delicious! (And I got a signed copy! Squeal!)

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