My Current Local Online Shopping Winter Faves

31st July 2018

So we’ve had a thankfully rainy winter here in drought-devastated Cape Town, and that’s let me do the things I love to do, ie. nothing. Lazing in bed with plenty of cuddles and blankies and hot chocolate and watching movies and simply melting in love with our gorgeous daughter (who has two tiny little teeth poking through now!) has made this the best, most luxurious winter yet! And then, of course if you’re like me, comes the online shopping… uh-oh.

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Our Solid Food Journey / Weaning Sense Book Review

13th June 2018

Weaning Sense With Relish

All the baby books and apps talk about your little one reaching those all important milestones, but I think they fail to discuss the parents’ milestones too. All those firsts for baby are firsts for us too! The first time your tiny tot smiles is also the first time your heart will explode from joy for such a simple yet momentous achievement. So far the biggest milestone for me as a new mommy right now is this wonderful / daunting experience of navigating solid foods. Weaning off breastfeeding is so bittersweet and I’m not quite ready for that particular milestone yet, but transitioning to solids is exciting! Every step forwards for your little one is such a dichotomous moment – it’s both another opportunity to celebrate their growth as well as reminisce about them slowly leaving behind their littleness.

I can hardly believe we’re starting on this new milestone already! Wasn’t Gia *just* born five minutes ago?? I can still remember every second of it, and yet six months have already flown by. It’s beautiful and shocking how quickly time passes, watching your precious baba grow and develop before your eyes. What a miracle that we surely don’t deserve.

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Exotic Mushroom Toasted Gnocchi

1st June 2018

Mushroom Risotto With Relish

Guys, this dish is like striking gold. Toasty, gnocchi-shaped gold. I tried this simple, little concoction only once as an experiment with a random punnet of wild mushrooms I had in the fridge, and that little fry-up resulted in my being begged for multiple repeats from both my mom and hubs. It’s been through a few variations and some trial and error, but I think I got it! Also, by now you should know I have a deep affection obsession with gnocchi, so trust me, here’s a goodie…

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Thai-Style Butternut Risotto

Butternut Risotto With Relish 1

Nothing for me says ‘winter is coming’ more so than risotto. Warm, luxurious and moreish, this Italian dish is comfort food to the T, heralding just in time the oncoming of Autumn in this southern half of the hemisphere. But no matter where you’re from, risotto is heavenly. Unctuous layers of indulgent creaminess and that tiny bit of bite from the Arborio rice make for a divine and decadent dish that is also incredibly easy to make. Rubbish to all those who say you need to labour over the stove, stirring endlessly for 45 minutes to produce this classic dish! Nothing could be further from the truth, and with the subtle, dreamy flavours of Thailand in this simple yet sunny midweek meal, you’ll have dinner on the table in no time at all.

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baby / real stuff

My Birth Story

13th May 2018

Gia With Relish3

Happy Mother’s Day beautiful mama’s! Well hasn’t it just been an age since I last wrote a blog post?! SO much has been going on in my life since giving birth, which I will go into here, that I needed a lot of much-needed me-time to heal and get through it. The beginning of motherhood is no cake walk for anyone, but I dare to say mine has been a tad more difficult than most, so hopefully you’ll forgive me my long sabbatical… Basically everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. Here, at long last and befitting on my first ever Mother’s Day, is my beautiful, harrowing, life-changing (and very long) birth story:

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baking / places / things

My Top 5 Dessert Spots in Cape Town

31st August 2017

With Relish Desserts

Ok, so I may be pregnant and finally able to eat after months of HG, but irrespective, this list would still stand. Baby belly or not, my obsession and history with dessert is a long one. In fact, it was to my birthday cake that I took my very first step at my first birthday party – the very beginning of my endless and insatiable trek towards cake.

This is by means an exhaustive list but these are my top 5 dessert spots right now in the Mother City:

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