My Current Local Online Shopping Winter Faves

So we’ve had a thankfully rainy winter here in drought-devastated Cape Town, and that’s let me do the things I love to do, ie. nothing. Lazing in bed with plenty of cuddles and blankies and hot chocolate and watching movies and simply melting in love with our gorgeous daughter (who has two tiny little teeth poking through now!) has made this the best, most luxurious winter yet! And then, of course if you’re like me, comes the online shopping… uh-oh.

I’ve been pretty naughty with my online shopping of late but in my defense… ok, I have none. I’ll just pin it to the new-mom-brain that’s overtaken my preggie-brain excuse for everything. I haven’t bought *everything* I’ve laid my eyes on, but I have indulged in one or two things… And besides, we have such an amazing local online shopping scene in SA you’d forgive me my sins just a little.

Here are my current local winter faves that you can score from the cozy nestles of your bed:

1. Superbalist

So everyone knows this one, but it’s a goodie. No one is safe from those sales! I myself may have taken full advantage of their recent 40% off sale and got myself a pair of brand new Adidas sneakers from Superbalist’s Shoes. Can you believe I have never owned a pair of sneakers? As in, never. Shocking, I know.

I deeply coveted this pale pink pair of suede Adidas Campus kicks and just had to have them because a) I wanted them and b) being a new mom means being on your toes constantly so I had to be comfortable (and look damn cute, duh). Now that I have them (thanks Hubby!), I can’t imagine my life without them – so comfy, so warm, so easy to adapt to any outfit. I can literally imagine my shoe closet filled to the brim now with sneakers for every occasion (husband, avert thine eyes!). How am I so late to this party?! I absolutely adore them, and not having to get out of the house to land them makes this purchase even sweeter.

(Excuse the mess.. and yes I do have a walk-in closet – *spoilt*)

Superbalist has a seriously amazing catalogue of shoes! Better yet, the new Superbalist app also makes things so much quicker and easier and with loads of exclusive offers (available on iOS and Android). And don’t worry about having to try one shoes – if they don’t fit, the exchange process is pretty pain-free. Also, if you’re a first-time buyer you get R250 off any purchase over R600. Get there quick!

2. Love Milo

They say you measure a women’s wealth in scatter cushions, so I’d say I’m pretty well off then ;) Still, you can never have too many. Scatters and textiles are the perfect adornments to change up with the weather, literally. Winter weather calls for texture like chunkier knits, thicker materials and softer hues to imbibe that hygge feeling of coziness. But while it’s important to layer up, there still needs to be a strive for balance. No local decor brand does that better than Love Milo, especially with their brand new winter edition, Warm Minimalism.

Too much minimalism in the home can leave you with an austere, clinical look that doesn’t seem homely or lived in, rather more that of a museum. Not exactly a recipe for a winter home. Nicki from Love Milo suggests balancing a considered approach to space while including tactile elements, and items with heart and soul. My favourites from the collection include the grey minerals cushion and this stunning blush ceramic tea cup set, perfect for lazy afternoons with a good book and a cuppa in bed. Best of all, all designs are eco-friendly so you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint.

Shop their online store for incredible decor and gifts – and hurry, they have currently have a 30% off sale on selected online products!

3. Prestwich Collection

I have recently decided I need to wear more earrings. Just the other day I declared to the hubs, “I want to start an earring collection” to which he replied “…mokay”. I have always had a thing about my ears but now that I’m a mom I legit don’t care about that stupid stuff anymore. I want to model an image of self-love and acceptance for my little one, so the days of worrying about that stuff is officially over. Hence, I want to start wearing more earrings. Cool, sophisticated ones. Ones that make me look like the young mom I always wanted to be (and not the one that’s lived in sweats for over a year .. I was sick, ok!?). And the best place to do some shopping for luxe things like jewels is from local online boutique, Prestwich Collection.

Started and run by my school friend Lynn Shapiro, Prestwich Collection features stunning gifts, jewellery, apparel and decor, and their earring game is super strong! I particularly adore these Eye and Sunrise studs. Just may have to buy a few extra pairs, you know, just in case… I’m even making a ceramic earring tree and a stud holder (DIY tutorials to come) just for this newfound obsession of mine. Yum!

Happy shopping!

♥ Dani





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