Apple Crisps

With Relish Apple Crisps

Confession time: I hate apples. There, I said it. Phew! Raw apples, to me, taste like boredom. And dry and wet at the same time, which is just… no. Apples in crumbles, cakes and tarts, however, are another story altogether. Gimme gimme gimme! So, imagine my shock when I discovered I could make apple crisps WITHOUT disguising them with sugar and butter?!

How have I lived this long and never tried apple crisps? Have I been living under a no-apple-crisps rock?! Shocking. But today that all changed for the better with this unbelievably easy recipe.

With Relish Apple Crisps2

Ok, so this was totally just an experiment for sugar-addicted, junk-craving me in an effort to find healthier ways to snack. Is it even a recipe if it’s only two ingredients? I don’t know. But I do know that these are crunchy, delicious and super healthy. And you don’t need to bake them for hours on end or use a dehydrator and all that intimidating stuff.

This is like, stupid easy. Ready? Here’s how you make these golden beauties:



2 -3 Apples (I used Pink Ladies)


Yup. That’s it. Making them? Even easier:


With Relish Apple Crisps 3

01. Finely and evenly slice apples from bottom to top. I don’t have a corer and I don’t like them – you’ll lose a ton of apple flesh and those gorgeous star shapes from the seeds. I just used a very sharp knife and I got perfectly thin and even slices. When you get to the seeds, just pop them out with the end of your knife. Try keep the slices the same thickness so they bake evenly.

With Relish Apple Crisps 4

02. Arrange on a baking tray (this one is from the KitchenAid Pro Series that I won in a massive KitchenAid hamper at a party – best win everrrr!). I overlapped mine and it left little half moons of non-cinnamony-ness (say that ten times!) after baking, so I wouldn’t do that. Sprinkle with cinnamon – I used A LOT – and then pop them in the oven at 150ºC for about 30 – 40 mins.

If you find them sticking a bit, or they’re too soggy, flip them over and bake them for a bit longer. I found an extra 10 minutes did the trick.

With Relish Apple Crisps 5

With Relish Apple Crisps 6

And that’s it! How ridiculously easy?! These were so yum and made for such a great snack that I popped them in a little ZipLock and took them with me for an on-the-go snack. Apples have enough sugar in them already so these really don’t need any additional sweetness.

Any veggie or fruit crisps you know of that we should try? Pop us a message!

♥ Dani


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