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Sugar Free Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

12th January 2017

With Relish Coconut Ice Cream 22

I don’t do resolutions. Like most people, I’m not all that keen on setting myself up for failure and attempting to keep to them seems like a legit way to screw yourself over. Instead, I like to opt for goals, which is kind of the same thing but with way less pressure. Since we can all agree that 2016 was just horrific – revolting really – I’m so excited for 2017! Aren’t you? There’s just this *tingle* in the air – I think it’s gon’ be a goodie. On that note, one goal I could totally resolve myself to is a low-sugar diet. If I aimed for a no-sugar diet, in minutes I’d invariably be stuffing my face with every kind of sugary substance known to man. Instead, I want to be more mindful of how much sugar I intake, and this Toasted Coconut Sorbet is the perfect way to appease myself without failing hard.

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Fresh Green Veg Gnocchi

1st November 2016

With Relish Green Veg Gnocchi

Gnocchi is one of those foods that I feel like I could’ve grown up eating but never did. It’s like home in a bowl, and sadly I was only introduced to it in adulthood – I know. Ridic. It’s everything you could ever love in one dish – wholesome, nourishing comfort food that’s just like a big old hug… and potatoes. I mean come on. Even better is this global move to one-pot cooking that I’m ALL about – less dishes, less washing up, less water wastage – win-win. This is one such dish that involves heaps of luscious green seasonal veg, lashings of Grana Padano and moreish dumplings of perfect Italian gnocchi, all tumbled through with cream. Yup. Heaven.

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Zucchini Crusted Pizza

18th October 2016

Zucchini Crust Pizza

I’m just gonna come right out and say it: I may have struck gold with this one. I’d barely had a bite of my own slice when I caught hubs trying to steal another piece from my plate after he’d had HALF a pizza already! I really just experimented with this zucchini crusted pizza – made some mistakes, fixed them, made more mistakes, fixed those, and was quite surprised at how unbelievably delicious this was! And hello, zero carbs! Zucchinis are currently competing with aubergines for first place on my Favourite Vegetable Ever in the Universe list.

I’ve included here the mistakes I made so you can avoid them yourself, and hopefully you’ll have on your hands the crowd-pleaser that I’ve had. Aside from being stupid-easy, the only bit of multitasking you’ll need is stirring with one hand while staving off the ravenous fiends with the other. Good luck.

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Vegan Butternut & Pumpkin Soup with Toasted Chickpeas

6th April 2016

With Relish Soup

Cape Town isn’t called ‘Four-Seasons-in-One-Day’ for nothing. Just the other day it was all still blistering summer, sunscreen, long walks on the Promenade and sleepless nights. We’ve barely blinked since then and we’re already feeling the biting edge of winter approaching (although there’s another heatwave hitting us in a couple days). Autumn is so lovely, albeit confusing, in the Mother City, eliciting snuggles, slippers, socks and soup! And this healthy, nourishing bowl of goodness doesn’t disappoint!

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Fresh Green Primavera

26th January 2016

With Relish Prima Vera1

I can’t believe I’m so late to the game with this one – Primavera has become a staple in my home now that I’ve discovered its fresh, green, healthy deliciousness.

Yes, yes, its carb-central, so not that healthy I admit (you could sub the pasta for zucchini pasta, but I’m a carbivore…). The fresh green veggies, though, make for a light, satisfying meal, and it’s so quick and easy it’s kind of ridiculous.

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Apple Crisps

13th October 2015

With Relish Apple Crisps

Confession time: I hate apples. There, I said it. Phew! Raw apples, to me, taste like boredom. And dry and wet at the same time, which is just… no. Apples in crumbles, cakes and tarts, however, are another story altogether. Gimme gimme gimme! So, imagine my shock when I discovered I could make apple crisps WITHOUT disguising them with sugar and butter?!

How have I lived this long and never tried apple crisps? Have I been living under a no-apple-crisps rock?! Shocking. But today that all changed for the better with this unbelievably easy recipe.

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