Hand-Cut Shadow Box Display


Hey guys! Just popping in to share a quick DIY with you. I was pretty bored over the holidays so I decided to make one of these cute little shadow box displays as a gift.

It’s super easy. I didn’t even take any process pics (woops!), and you’ll still be able to figure it out.

All you need is heavy cardstock, a pencil, a pair of scissors, a box cutter, some clear glue and a whole lot of imagination!

handcut shadow box


01. Decide the end visual you’re going for – draw it on a scrap piece of paper. Now remember that each ‘layer’ needs its own frame, so when you’re happy with your design and the size of the shadow box you want, transfer the design layer by layer onto the cardstock, including the full length and width. Make sense?

02. Cut out each layer. Use the scissors for the bigger areas of negative space and the box cutter for the finer details. Try not to cut too hard or you could rip off some of the edges and you may have to redesign and redo it (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything..). Also – please don’t cut yourself. Again, not from experience…

03. Assemble your layers one on top of the other until you’re happy with it. Don’t worry if some parts hide other parts behind it; it’s all part of an organic image and makes it more interesting. Now you’re ready to get gluing! (Btw, is it just me or do you also love clear glue on your fingers? When I was little I used to get it all over my hands on purpose just to wait for it to dry so I could peel it off! I was a weird kid…)

05. Cut out equal blocks of spare cardstock and fold like a concertina. Glue these in place between each layer, making sure to hide the little folded pieces (Also try do this step in a ventilated area. Fumes = not great). It needs to look like each layer is floating in front of the one behind it. Allow to dry flat before propping it up.

06. Step back and marvel at your handiwork!

I love mine! It’s not perfect, and I did have to retry the boy and girl layer about 4 times, but I love it. I gave it to Tim for a (very) belated birthday present. Now all we need is a frame for it and this baby’s going up!

Did you try this tutorial? Tell me all about it in the comments and please send links so I can see all your beautiful handiwork.

♥ Dani

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