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Lazy Days

Lazy Days

Like most foodie people, I am an avid cookbook collector, but often they end up sitting on my shelf becoming collectors themselves. Of dust, that is. Until I was lucky enough to attend the launch of South African cookbook legend, Phillippa Cheifitz’ new summer-inspired recipe book, Lazy Days: Easy Summer Cooking. This book, I am happy to announce, has stayed on my shelf the least and has instead spent much of its lazy days in my lap or on my kitchen countertop, pages wide open.

Confession: I can’t stop going on about this book. Seriously. They recipes are simple, elegant and downright delicious! (And I got a signed copy! Squeal!)


photo 1Phillippa is a cuisine veteran (this being her 11th cookbook!), and in Lazy Days she doesn’t disappoint. Inspired by the local produce she loves to prepare and indulge in at her holiday home in Paternoster (also one of my favourite getaway-from-it-all coastal towns), Phillippa recounts funny little anecdotes about the people and places behind each lovingly detailed dish. No wonder then that the book has won Best Local Cookbook from the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards!

Think lazy summer meals like white wine steamed mussels, oak-smoked whole yellowtail, rosemary-olive oil flat bread and, my absolute favourite, lavender shortbread.


Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.48.11 PM

This book is such a treat! And the perfect gift! Available from all major book retailers for R345.

Happy lazy cooking!

Cover image courtesy of the publisher, Quivertree Publications.

Other images my own.

♥ Dani

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    1. Danielle Le Chat Post author

      Hi Ilhaam – I know, it’s just drool-worthy! I’ll definitely put up the recipe for the pavlova! I was lucky enough to have her make me one and it was the yummiest thing in the land! – Dani


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